So I figured…it’s time to close this blog.

It’s been five years since I started this blog and it served as an outlet for my crazy sentimental thoughts. Sometimes more crazy than sentimental, but always often about love. And the lack thereof. Most often about the lack thereof.

It’s been five years. I liked reading the things I wrote and remembering what happened back then. I liked writing things here to let off some steam and to give myself some semblance of sanity even when I’m too full of emotions even I can’t explain. It’s been fun, yes. But now, it’s time to end this.

But I figured that maybe five years is enough. Maybe after five years of ranting out my emotions online — albeit cryptic — it’s time for me to let this go. To stop being so emo and choosing to be hung up on these things and to just…let things be. And most of all, maybe it’s time for me to keep the things close to my heart…well, close and private.

I think five years of getting to know my heart this way is enough, and now it’s time for me to get to know it in another way.

So I say goodbye to this. I say goodbye to him, figuratively and maybe even literally. At least, the blog posts about him. It doesn’t mean that I will give up on love and romance altogether. On the contrary, I am far from it. I’m just going to keep it to myself, for a change.

Thank you. I don’t know who are the people who took the time to visit this, if there were even people who did except for me. But thank you for keeping up with this and allowing me to rant, rave and swoon every now and then. Thanks, and I hope that if you’re the praying type, you will include me and my “quest for love” (I have to LOL at this one haha) in your prayers. :)

– Tina
January 23, 2012 | One More Page | wordplay