Yes, it’s back. :)

It’s all about him started sometime in 2001, hosted in the now defunct Diary-x. It was a collection of little moments that make the heart flutter, that gives butterflies to the stomach. Little notes, text messages, stories and whatnot. Sometimes true, sometimes not, but nonetheless striking in that particular part of the heart. :)

This is a collection of little things that remind me of him. Who is the famous him? It could be anyone — a crush, a loved one, a friend, someone from the future, or even God. This is about that kind of love: the love that makes us smile, makes us cry, laugh, scream and do all sorts of crazy things that can only be done when we’re in that state of heart. But I’m telling you, whoever your idea of my him is as you read this…it’s not who you think. ;)

In the process of getting to know my heart, I am resurrecting this. Yes, this may bring a little bit more heartache than I bargained for, but I’m willing to take that risk. :) Maybe somewhere in the process, I’ll find him. :)